0mega leaked popular IT Risk Monitoring Service “NEXTLABS”!

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5 min readOct 5, 2022


Recently Nextlabs, who is a pioneer in Data Security and Risk Management Service has been infected by 0mega Ransomware and 100% of their data which is sized about ~300GB; has been publicized on their Data Leak Site on 3rd October, 2022.

Insider Leaked files of NEXTLABS


The leak consists of various sensitive information such as Employee Details, Financial Budgeting, Consulting License Agreements, Insurance Details, StockHolder Reports, Softwares etc.

The below screenshot indicates the data is freshly compromised as its “Effective Date” is recorded as July 2022.

Insider Files

Here are some of the leaked files, dated this year!

Insider Files


It is important to note that the actor had leaked highly sensitive financial data of the company where the annual Cash Flow is listed.

Getting hold of these kinds of data helps the competitor to analyze the financial position of the company without guessing any estimation.

Financial Data


Generally, employees’ data are shredded once they no longer exist in the company. But however, it is shocking to find the personal data of Ex-Employees available at the firm. Following are the data of ex-employees which are found in the leak, indicating the being a “DATA SECURITY” company, it had not followed stringent policies.

Passport Details of Ex-Employee
Passport Details of Ex-Employee
Passport Details of Ex-Employee

It is also important to note here that the leak also consists of Vital Information such as Signature of CEO, as any attacker who holds this data could maliciously use it for masquerading purposes.

NEXTLABS Official Letter

It also includes a sensitive SCREENSHOTS section, such as Client Names, Contracts Agreements, How it Works (Software Walkthrough), Source Codes etc.

List of NETXLABS Clients

This could also allow attackers to know the internals used by other companies, who rely on NEXTLABS, for their security practices.

List of NEXTLABS Clients


This ransomware initially appeared in the month of July, 2022 and uses Double Extortion Techniques like other Ransomware Groups. Upon infection, all the victims’ files are encrypted and appended the extension .0mega to the infected files.

It can be assumed that the group had used Spear Phishing Campaigns or Malspams to compromise their victims via MS Office, as it is a common tactic used by Ransomware Operators along with RDP Disclosures to target their victims.

Currently, there are only 2 leaks found in their site, which are 450GB in total. Previously, the group had targeted a small Electronics Repair Firm based in the UK in the month of May, 2022.

0mega Leak Home Page

It is interesting to note that the 0mega had leaked (whole) 100% files of Maxey Moverley (initial victim) on 23rd May, 2022 at single go. But in the case of Nextlabs; the operators had split the data breach in 3 time frames, allowing enough time for the company to respond/negotiate to their ransom demand.

10% leaked on 15th September, 2022: 29.9GB
60% leaked on 27th September, 2022: 137.1GB
100% leaked on 3rd October 2022: 298GB

From this, it can be assumed that Threat Actors had spent 18 days on their second victim.


Just like other ransomware groups, there are 3sites. 1 is used for Clients to get in touch with Team 0mega and other as Data Leak Site and the other is TOR version of leak site.

Client Helpdesk: 0mega-connect.biz
Data Leak Site: 0mega.cc
Onion: omegalock5zxwbhswbisc42o2q2i54vdulyvtqqbudqousisjgc7j7yd.onion

0mega Client Helpdesk

Tracing their domain details, it is found that they have registered their domain names in March 2022, which is hosted in Moscow.

0mega Leak Hosting

By tracing the Certificate History, following are found:-

Registered: 25th March, 2022

Registered: 21st March, 2022

Domain Registrar: NameSilo
Hosted: AEZA Group NL
Server: nginx
OS: Ubuntu
ASN: AS210644
Suspected: 8GB RAM VPS running AMD Ryzen 9

While tracking the historical SSL Certificate details, it is found that 0mega-connect.biz was hosted with which is hosted with Russian provider Timeweb.

Historical Record on 0mega-connect

As Timeweb is located in Moscow, it can be extrapolated that this is the right infrastructure.

NOTE:- There are sometimes multiple infrastructures related to a single entity. Hence, it is vital to inspect each IOC to get an in-depth understanding of the entities.

Here are some of the info found including hosting IP Blocks:-



Add these IPs to your Blacklist in order to block any malicious activities!

From the above IPs, it is interesting to note that most of the resolvers of 0mega-connect.biz are “Georgia Institute of Technology”.

0mega Resolver from VT


Upon Researching similar incident, it came to light that there was another Ransomware named “Omega” which was under development in June 2019. However, as the files were appended with extension “.dodger” it came to be known as Dodger Ransomware. The reason to call it Omega initially is because actors email address: omegax0@protonmail.com.

As per the tweet, it clearly shows that this ransomware is in the development stage and does not support Encryption.

Twitter Post on Dodger Ransomware

It is observed that 0mega Ransomware Group is slow as compared to other counterparts, but they are improving gradually by improving their strategies. More information could be drawn after obtaining the ransomware samples.

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